Competitive Today - NFVT®


The Competitive Today NFVT® is a unique digital work of art that represents the strategic positioning of your business.

A maximum of 300 Competitive Today NFVTs will be available, each of which is a unique work of art.

The Competitive Today NFVT is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. It also gives you a product lifetime access to the following services (utility):

How to buy a Competitive Today NFVT®?

Option 1:

The Competitive Today NFVT® can be obtained free of charge, when purchasing a Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) Strategy Package or 12-month advisory package.

Option 2:

You can also purchase an available positioning strategy from our Competitive Today ART Gallery as NFVT at an individual price. This also includes a one-time 1to1 consulting for your business on the implementation of the positioning strategy.
More information, which positioning strategies of our gallery are for sale, you will get on request.

About Non-Fungible Value Token (NFVT) - the first utility value standard for NFT projects

The term "NFVT®" comes from NFT (non-fungible token)

NFT is a blockchain based proof of ownership of a non-interchangeable unit of data (e.g. a digital picture). Through so-called smart contracts, NFTs can also give access to certain services, what is called "utility".

Non-fungible value token (NFVT) is a classification of NFTs, backed by a groundbreaking day-one real utility.

This is why NFVT can also be referred to as the


NFVT in a nutshell:

NFVT is a utility value standard that NFT projects can freely adapt to become more attractive to their audience and more competitive overall.

The guideline is to provide a groundbreaking day-one real utility, whose value is higher than the mint price (= first price at sale)

In other words: From a FOMO (fear of missing out) driven JPEG trade and community hype to a real business model based on NFVT.

Whether an NFT is to be classified as an NFVT is decided by the NFT investor itself, not from a 3rd party (such as rating agency).

NFVT is a creation and trademark of Competitive Today with the purpose to upgrades traditional business models.

The "COMPETITIVE TODAY NFVT®" is the first NFVT project in history.

Contact us for more information if you want to launch your own NFVT project.

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