Non-Fungible Value Token (NFVT®)

A new classification of NFTs backed by a groundbreaking utility whose value for the token holders
life or business > mint price
(= first sale price)

The problem in NFT space

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a blockchain based proof of ownership of a digital asset (e.g. picture).

Due to multiple use cases, NFT can also be a great opportunity for companies to evolve their business models and offerings in order to strengthen competitiveness.

However, looking at the countless NFT projects, it seems that NFTs are a FOMO and opinion-driven trade of JPGS, based on the greater fool theory, where “utility” is just a buzzword and overall lacks utility value.

In addition, financial authorities are in the process of classifying more and more NFTs as securities

This doesn't really drive mass adoption of NFTs in the business environment, leaving a huge potential to massively increase competitiveness untapped.

The solution

Non-Fungible Value Token (NFVT®)

“Non-Fungible Value Token (NFVT®)” is a classification of NFTs that meet the first utility value standard, which we define as follows:

Baseline: utility value > mint price


NFVT® classification is given by the project's audience through a survey managed by "Competitive Today"
after accepting the classification request.

The goal of the utility value standard is to back NFTs with a real, fixed value (utility),
which is why NFVTs are also referred to as the ...

"Gold Standard" in NFT space

Your Benefits At A Glance

For consumers (NFVT investors)

NFVTs are a much more attractive investment than many traditional offerings as you gain ownership of the NFVT. This means:

You can use your NFVT for yourself for to get lifetime access to its utility, but also lend it and even sell it when no longer needed.

Just ask yourself ... Do you know a coaching program that you can lend and sell after using it?
No? NFVTs make exactly such things possible for YOU!

For businesses

NFVTs are THE evolution of business models and traditional offerings into assets as the client gains ownership of the NFVT.

In this way, customers become affiliates, which significantly increases the competitiveness of YOUR business.

2 examples

"Traditional Flowers" VS "NFVT® Flowers"

NFVT® Flowers

The gift market is a trillion dollar market where flowers have a significant stake.

When flowers no longer wither, but can increase in value through natural market mechanisms (like cars becoming retro cars), this becomes a tremendous added value.

Moreover, flowers are always about appreciation, which is much higher with "NFVT® Flowers" due to their uniqueness and the possibility to see them permanently in your crypto wallet (= constant positive memory) which you can also share with your friends.

And the best part: While traditional flowers are just flowers, "NFVT® Flowers" also giving access to a utility (e.g. a personalized poem) whose value is higher than the mint price (= first sale price).

(project launch in Q1, 2023 @Valentines Day)

"Traditional academy" VS "NFVT-based academy"

The Inevitables NFVT®

The education market is a billion dollar market.

Knowledge providers usually give access to their trainings through a temporary login which is prohibited from being shared with third parties.

NFVT®-based academies change this, as the customer does not purchase a temporary login, but a NFVT® limited in number, which is a unique piece of digital art (like the picture you see above) AND an access key to the academy's knowledge in one.

This means that the customer can use the NFVT® for oneself, as well as lending and selling it when no longer needed - just like a house you own.

"The Inevitables" NFVT® is not only the first NFVT project in the education industry, but also the first NFVT project in history !

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